I can't stop playing this song from Next Move. I think it's a Harry Connick Jr composition. Anyone know what it's about or heard the original? It's a really good track but I'd love to know more about it.

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Hey Paul

I remember it is a Connick Jnr original and from a memory ages ago Pat describes it thusly:

"The song is either about two blokes who fall in love with the same woman or it is about two blokes one of whom falls in love with the other".

Now, dinnae quote me on that, but I am almost sure I remember that from a gig at Queen "something" Hall in Edinburgh..or it might have been at this old church thing in Glesgay.......Both were smaller "pub" type venues but it was so long ago now and my memory is pretty crap.

So I've just declared to the world that I love a gay song? Is that what you're saying Kenny?

And before you ask I hate The Pet Shop Boys.
Agreed Kenny, I'm pretty sure you're right. I have to say that I haven't listened to this for ages, having become really fed up with it. I was going to far too many Hue and Cry gigs at this time and grew to hate this and "Remember Me." I must revisit them both sometime.
You''ll tell us next your an Erasure man too Paul!!??!! LOL
No. I bet Andy is an Erazure man. :)

Did I mention that I keep playing this song?  :)

Me neither :).

I first became aware of some other tracks from the 'Boxed Set' programme, but I had been listening to 'Sonny Cried' recently online and got the CD.


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