I believe these are the only albums that have their own pages (I tried to add all of them a few months ago).

At the moment, there's not much information on them, but I thought it would be nice to add some other things.

Inspired by other album articles on Wikipedia, I've drawn up a list of questions to help shape it and wondered if Pat, Greg or anyone else could possibly answer them and provide some other information, or anecdotes?

How did it come about?

How many tracks were made during the sessions?

What tracks didn't make it to the album?

Who were the musicians?

Who were the personnel?

What period (or specific date) was it recorded?

Where was it recorded?

What were the exact release dates?

Are there alternate versions of any song?

Were tracks excluded from certain mediums?

Song Information

What singles came from it, in what formats, what B-sides and what were the exact release dates?


Chart positions

Was there a tour and from what period?

Information could be added to Wikipedia and a reference link to here.

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I made a Hue and Cry entry on Wikipedia some time ago and although the info was accurate it was wiped off. Wikipedia has a strange system which I've never quite managed to understand. I think unless you are a regular contributor and you cite references in the correct way then they don't keep the info.

Hi Paul

I could be wrong, but I think Wikipedia tends to favour entries for albums/singles that were in the charts.

I produced the entry for 'Bitter Suite' on IMDB. For both this and Wikipedia, does anyone know the specific date in 1989 that it was recorded? A video posted by Tommy Smith mentions September, but the bandcamp page states it was released in March.


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