I've seen some artists make the source audio files of some of their tunes available on their website, so that people can noodle around with them and possibly whip up a good remix.

Any chance we could have something like this?

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I've be thinking about this for a while Emmanuel ... I want to create an experience that ALL members can participate in, not just those who can use a DAW. Some sort of iPhone app, or something with a simple "drag and drop" UI. I will create Apple Loops / Acid loops files so that the UI experience is even more flexible ... I'm getting there.

Keep ya posted

That's brilliant!
Even better than the real thing...
Hi Emmanuel, Pat & Greg,

I have just come across the site while I was lookin for a decent chart for "Linda" ( slight pun there ) .I have to agree with Emmanuel, a lot of your fans are serious musicians and I'm sure would love to get their teeth into some remixing of your material.......the best example of this is Peter Gabriels Real World Remixed site at http://realworldremixed.com/ some of the results are astonishing.
I did monitors for H&C about 20 years ago on a TV gig you did in Dublin, Loved the music then and still lovin' it now.
All the Best


I would love multitracks.

I haven't really done remixes, but transcription-wise, I fancy giving 'Little Man' a go sometime ;).


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