I've removed my version folks, see the definitive below.

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Hi Paul, the resolutely non-technically musical Pat here - yes, that's the way we want it to work, please feel encouraged to stuck stuff up, from any era of Hue And Cry, and let the 'wisdom of the crowd' (and Greg!) correct it. best, pat
Hi Paul nice one mate, I'll have a wee go at this in the next few days.
Cheers mate.
Greg has provided six pages of The Last Stop in a 'guess' sheet format - he's filled in most of the correct chords, but has "tippexed" out significant chords, inviting you all to work out what they they are. I'm sure he'll be back to you with corrections...

How good is this!? Son just going to bed so will have to wait until the morning before I can try this at the piano- doh!
Beautiful chord structure. I think I got 'em:

First missing chord: Gb/Ab
2nd missing chord: Db
3rd missing chord: Bbm7
4th missing chord: Db

5th missing chord: Db
6th missing chord: A6/9
7th missing chord: Adim7
8th missing chord: Gb/Ab

9th missing chord: Gb6
10th missing chord: Gb6
11th missing chord: Gbm/A
12th missing chord: Gb/Ab

Pffft this is just 'spot the differences'... Okay, almost done:

13th missing chord: Db
14th missing chord: Abm/B
15th missing chord: Ab/C
16th missing chord: Ebm7
17th missing chord: Gb/Ab
17th missing chord: Ebm7
18th missing chord: Db
19th missing chord: Gb/Ab

That should be it... Next time make it a bit harder, Greg!
Now then. What do I win? :-)

What have you used to write it out on the guess sheet format, is it a special programme on the pc or just a jpeg from a book? I'm looking for something just like it just now so any help much appreciated!
Cheers, Neil
Hi Neil. I use Adobe Photoshop on a Mac ... its a professional graphics program ... I've spent all this week putting together the "Songbook" for the album Open Soul using Adobe Photoshop ... Its a very powerful graphics program ... As u can see.

The "tippexed" out chords are done with a brush on a separate layer in Photoshop. The brush layer is then textured via a filter to give the look of "tippex"

Hope that's not too geeky ... let me know if u need anymore info

Thanks Greg, will dig out a copy of photoshop, it looks like the thing i'm looking for!

Off topic slightly, but just out of interest - do you do all the graphics for the sleeves etc now Greg?
No Paul, i don't. Pat is usually the one who deals with the graphic designers for covers etc... he's got a good eye 4 it. I did the graphics for the song book and the videos ...



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