Hi Does anyone know where I can get the lyrics for Truth from. I was very kindly sent the sheet music which I am trying hard to learn but would like a friend to sing for me. he doesn't live near me so would be easier for me to send a copy of the lyrics if I can get hole of one?

Thank you - your help is appreciated

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I'll fill your ears with noises,
Things you want to know
I'll turn your head with wondrous tales,
Make all this world your show
I'll grab you from the inside,
Turn you so right for me
When I have finished, Citizen,
You'll serve me happily

Cos I'll give you truth for all occasions,
I'll give you truth to keep you calm,
Truth to hold the shadows back
And truth to save you harm

I'll bow down to your wishes,
But there must be a price
I'll make a whole new world for you,
And I'll have you in my vice
They say a little poison,
Can cure a greater ill
Well take a bite of this, my friend,
A bitter, bitter pill

Cos I'll give you truth for all occasions
Give you truth to keep you calm,
Truth to hold the shadows back
And truth to save you harm

I'll give you truth when times are hurting,
Give you truth but not for free
Truth to calm the rage within,
If you will just be with me, be with me

Put your trust in me and I won't let you down...

Hi Rachel, This is from memory (at work and can't access it). Should be pretty close. Maybe someone can 'second' it for you.
Good luck with evrything.
Thank you so much! I'm planning on playing it as a surpirse for my partner on our wedding day (one prob I haven't played the keyboard for years!) - am learning though! Just needed to send my friend the lyrics so he can learn them and sing if all goes to plan! Thank you again - so appreciated, Rachel
Hi Rachel,
I always felt this song had a sinister, dark edge to it but I guess songs mean different things to different people! Hope it all goes well - get those fingers going!!
All the best to you all,
I'd never thought of it as a song for a wedding. Hope it goes well.


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