Hi all

Greg has been working on the songbook of Open Soul, and we'll post it up in separate discussions in Open Song very soon (with the usual 'tippexed-out' chords just to get you thinking!).

But we'd like to know what songs from the back catalogue that you'd like the chords for - some we'll be able to help you with, some we'll ask you to throw yourselves at.

Please put your suggestions in the "Reply to this' box below - and thanks for all your efforts so far!

best, pat and greg x

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Late In The Day
How Do You Repair A Heart?
She Makes A Sound
Just Say You Love Me
Too Shy To Say
Human Touch

I have got Rolling Home, Vera Drives and Remote down but would like to get hold of the above.....being a singer (of sorts!), they are my favourite tracks from back catalogue to chant!


Bit surreal listening on Key 103 today. Glad you preceded McFly!!
Love to know the chords for peaceful face cheers Richard

Yeah, me too......Anyone please!

everything you did on piano and voice please!!
Pat/Greg, I would love the chords to Pawn of the Weekend - never been able to work it out properly!
Chords for widescreen and mother glasgow and violently would be good for us tone deaf chaps

I would love to play the following songs on guitar: Remote; Late in the Day, and Violently
Having been taking guitar lessons for the last year i realise that it is not a simple thing to transpose the music for songs written on piano into songs for guitar. That's why I have only listed three songs, although you could also add "my salt heart" to that list as well as "long term lovers of pain". Sorry I will stop there and sign off or the list will just get longer and longer and longer and........
Greg, try clicking on Open Song for a little start.

Hope it helps.
Anything from Bitter Suite and Human Touch. Oh, and White Collar.

Hi P&G,
I've been taking drum lessons with my son since September, do you have any drum music? Any song would be great, not too difficult please!!!! Thank you!
Best wishes, Julia
Sounding great on Saturday in London!
Hi Pat and Greg,

Is there any way I could get the sheet music for Mother Glasgow. My wife has been learning the Saxaphone and both her and her music teacher think they can adapt the song for Sax. It is for her to play at a very special event in the City of Glasgow later in the year, happy to provide details if needed and I am very sure you would approve.

Kind regards,

David, its a very simple song. I'm sure ur wife's teacher should be able to work it out. But if not, I'll post the music up this week if i have time.



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