Hi all

Greg has been working on the songbook of Open Soul, and we'll post it up in separate discussions in Open Song very soon (with the usual 'tippexed-out' chords just to get you thinking!).

But we'd like to know what songs from the back catalogue that you'd like the chords for - some we'll be able to help you with, some we'll ask you to throw yourselves at.

Please put your suggestions in the "Reply to this' box below - and thanks for all your efforts so far!

best, pat and greg x

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 I'd really like the music for Strength to Strength, Labour of Love and Looking for Linda, please! I can't stop listening to Strength to Strength at the moment and Labour of Love and Looking for Linda are my Mam's favourite songs so it's be nice to play them for her :)

Thanks a million,

Natasha xx

What instrument do you play, Natasha?

Guitar and (very) basic piano, though I'd be willing to have a go at difficult sheet music!

Haha - same as me. I put up a few things a while ago - not notation, just words and chords. Greg is very good about these things if he gets the time. Hope you're enjoying the rest of the site.

Oh, that's great! Where can I find them, Open Song? Thanks a million, Natasha

Yes, Natasha - in Open Song. Good luck with them! Let me know how you get on with them.


this is my list of requested lyrics

History City

Something Warmer

Mad To Nuts

Dangerous Wreck

Seen It All

Spending You

Hymn To Hands

Poet's Day

White Collar

He Won't Smile

Joe And Josephine

Hymn To Hands

Calamity John

Alligator Man

Love is the master

Just one word

Please... I'm Dutch and I can't understand every English word, and sometimes they sing it quite quickly...


I am a new member but old fan and this is a fantastic amazingly generous site.
Fantastic show at the robin 2.
Would love to know how to play Stars crash down.

Thank you

Big H&C fan currently learning piano and would love to be able to buy piano sheet music for any of your songs or MIDI files that I can convert in to sheet music.


Hello Newbie and first blog post

I would love to have (buy)  the music for "She Makes A Sound", i want to perform this, when my band plays as a dedication to my granddaughter due in March

best regards Brian

Any chance of the piano part to Plan B. Just a wonderful song.

Thanks Jerry


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