Who's interested in making a H&C fan tribute compilation?

Musicians-that-are-also-H&C-fans, unite!

Let's face it: no self-respecting fan community is complete without a tribute album. So... do we respect ourselves or what? Where is that bagpipe version of 'Truth'? Why didn't anyone do a boyscout guitar version of 'Looking For Linda', or make a swampy reggae out of 'Life As Text'? You know you want to!

So everybody, dig up your old dusty instruments, come on out and tune on in. Let's give these guys some proper respect. Who's with me?

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Good call, mate. Let's all not fight over the track listing though, eh? What are you kicking us off with?
Well I'd suggest you pick your favourite, and we do it on a first come, first serve basis...
So as of now, I'm snatching "I Refuse"!
I'm with Blondie Andy, send me the instrumental for Martha and I'd give it some laldy.

However, it might be worth pointing out at this stage that as great as we all clearly think we are, this is like Pat Kane we're up against vocally and Greg Kane for all you musos oot there. HA! What a bunch of fruitcakes we must be, but I'll be wellied when I do mines so will clearly be the best singer/lover/entrepreneur/sprinter/pianist (easy tiger) in all the land.

I think we need to set out a rule book though, has to be one take and we have to be trolley'd. Will make it dramatically more entertaining that way, and bonus points for not remembering the lyrics, and bum notes for the musos score big too.

Oh, Oh, and P & G pick the winner and he/she gets a free back-stage pass at *insert gig here that I can actually freakin attend!* and perform a duet on stage with P.............actually, the second part of that is just plum stoopid......part one is good though.

Winner picked by P & G and gets a meet with the dudes and can sing on the stage before any of the paying public get in - Greg can record it and post it on here for everyone to take the piss out of.

been having a jolly good laugh at this one cos i did try crazy in love on singstar(beyonce) and it was bloody awful i was pissed but it didny make it any easier at all! i thought it would be a peice of piss but the words came out all wrong and some never came at all. my mates were wetting themselves but none offered anything better. maybe ill take a back seat on this one .or maybe ill do a duet with kenny????
Islands In The Stream - you can be Kenny and I'll grow me moobs.


ill be anything you want me to be but i still canny sing.!
ill get the singstar on the go and start practicing this weekend. maybe ill be good enough to get up wi the boys in aberdeen... or maybe ill hide in a corner so they dont see me!
That's a lot of liquid right there!

I have an idea. Mister McNally and Mister Linda Who have been so kind to provide the chords to many a tune; that should make for an easy start.

Perfect Life
Profoundly Yours
The Last Stop
Dangerous Wreck
Long Term Lovers of Pain
Stumble Through The Dance
Rolling Home

With the sheet music, I can press those notes... Andy, Kenny, Pauline - care to sing any of these tunes?
nope!!!! told you singstars my limit and thats bad ! do you really think im gonna let P+G hear me ? no i dont think so , but maybe ill practice .....
somehow i doubt hes shitting himself more like wetting himself with laughter ha hahah.
you can hear my efforts on the recording of mother glasgow from the abc in feb , my friend louise had it on her phone. MURDER springs to mind!!!
tell louise to get it on here now !


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