Who's interested in making a H&C fan tribute compilation?

Musicians-that-are-also-H&C-fans, unite!

Let's face it: no self-respecting fan community is complete without a tribute album. So... do we respect ourselves or what? Where is that bagpipe version of 'Truth'? Why didn't anyone do a boyscout guitar version of 'Looking For Linda', or make a swampy reggae out of 'Life As Text'? You know you want to!

So everybody, dig up your old dusty instruments, come on out and tune on in. Let's give these guys some proper respect. Who's with me?

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Not from you but thanks for the offer !
Ok hot on the heels of Connect I have decided to post This track "Soon You Go" which I recorded the vocal way back in January straight after I purchased all my new gear. As a farther of 2 small kids I love the lyrics and it really hits home that we only have them for a short period of time. I was happy with the vocal but not with the mixing of it as I knew even less back in January than I do know....anyway I got some brilliant advice from someone I respect and the 3 things he suggested I did and thankfully its all the better for it. So now after months of sitting on my hardrive its time to let it go....enjoy ! (last for a while)
Now that coming from you is a real compliment....THANKS !
Aww cracking Andy. The lyrics really hit home for me as Robyn off to Uni in 3 weeks :( I found myself singing
''I'll be there breaking my heart'' :( lol Yes this mad woman is an old softy at heart.
This has been your best post to date and Meesh hit the nail on the head with her comment :) Perfect!
Great work, found myself singing this song to myself yesterday so there you go........it stuck with me. Keep up the great work Andy P.............
A non MC friend of mine asked me to....nae insisted that I cover this tune for him so I took off work Monday and did the vocal for it....he liked it hope you do too.
Another cracker Andy, different type of song for you but you pulled it off once again.......keep them coming
Thanks T.....nice to know someone is watching xx

Hope you like this. Did this live last week for my Daughters 30th party. It's our song.



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