Its brilliant to have all this content on this site we have all been waiting for for years. Just wondering if there is any one who knows a way I can obtain the Piano & Voice album, I foolishly lent my copy to my "friend" and when it came back it looked like Torvill & Dean had been practicing on it!
Cheers guys and a very warm welcome back to Pat & Greg.

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Hi Martin

Good new and bad news - it is around but very scarce, I've bought a couple of cd singles from Amazon lately and they have it:

The bad news is that they want £30.00 + for it - but then, like L'Oreal, it is worth it!

Thanks for the advice mate
hi martin,keep searchin bcos as u probly knw its a fantastic cd,if you cannot get it i will send u a copy if you give me your details
Thats great mate i may take u up on your offer.I will try a few places 1st but thanks again mate.
hi mate i have tried in vain to get a copy so would like to take you up on your offer to send me a copy please. What details do you need email?
cheers Mart
i to have searched in vain if anyone knows where i can get a copy
Darren....if you need a copy I can sort it if you send me your details. Just a shame that originals are so hard to come by as the stuff we really want has been deleted for years!
Hi yes please that would be BRILLIANT thanks. I could give you my email and I will send you my address if thats ok?
Martin...just tried emailing you but there was a problem in sending. Email me your address at and I'll pick it up from there.
hi just tried to email u but it woulnt send! guess our emails dont like each other i will try to think of another way sorry
Hi Martin......I think I've sorted my email problems out.

If you send me your address to I'll finally sort you a copy.
thanks its
cheers mate
or did u want postal address not sure


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