hueandcrybig.jpgHi all,

We're always keen to get Music Club members involved in what we do - and here's our latest idea.

You know we encourage fans to record our gigs with their videos or cameras and post them up to our Videos page. There's been some great clips there, for which we thank you!

But we've been recording all the recent full-band gigs in hi-definition video and audio, with a view to getting them to you in some sellable form (DVD or download) sometime soon. Over the next few weeks, we'll start to preview some of that, for free, in the Music Club.

We'd still like to encourage you to upload, though... so here's the plan.

Anyone who has footage of any gig and wants to upload it, please do - and we'll integrate it into our fully-edited concert footage in a FanCam window (like the graphic above). The name and town of the Music Club member who's uploaded the video will be in the FanCam info. (See the video below, with Linda Who's crowd footage of the Manchester Academy gig, for an example).

Please put 'FanCam' at the front of the clip title if you want it to be considered for the concert video. The more members that join in, the funkier the finished video will look!

And don't worry about sound quality - we've got that covered! It's the images from all over the crowd that we're looking for. It gives us more editing options, and gives you a chance to show your angle on the gig.

Once we integrate fan-clips into the videos, we will delete what you've uploaded, so we can manage our bandwidth.

If you want to join in, click on the FanCam graphic at the top of the page and upload what you've got with 'FanCam' in the title. And let us know what you think of this!

best, p&g x

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