Public Stage - Hogmanay 2005 - Glasgow, George Square - 'Violently'

A special moment from a special gig - our Hogmanay performance at Glasgow's George Square, in front of 10,000 revellers, on 31st Dec, 2005. Here's a beautiful (even if we say so ourselves!) rendition of the Remote classic, 'Violently', with some lovely guitar effects and horn lines. If you were there, give us your memories at the Hogmanay gig page on History City.

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Fair play to the horn player, I bet he was thinking "If I play one duff note then I've ruined this really good take!!!"
That's a really good point... in the conditions, with the cameras rolling, that's a brilliant solo...
Believe it or not, the trumpet dude was standing in for our regular guy Tom MacNiven. He sight read the whole gig ... pretty impressive I'd say. Very nice guy too ... Major Chops!!!!
As u probably know John Faddis did the original solo, so we always need a GOOD player to nail that solo .... for me this is one of the best ... There's a very funny story about the original solo ... I'll tell it when I do a Music Lab for "Violently" ...
"The trumpet dude????" Hahaha... give him a name check gregory.... :-)
... eh, had to look it up ... Paul Newton ... sorry Paul :-/
A true masterpiece, one of my favourite songs. Thank you guys! :)
Amazing ! What a voice !
Talking of dudes..fairly sure the bass player in this video was on tour with Justin Currie earlier this year...he is one cool dude, unbelievable dress sense...his name escapes me for the minute.

Great clip.
His name is Nick Clark ... younger brother of Nigel Clark (origonal guitarist with us) ... yes we share him with Justin ... A very stylish man ... much love to him

total class!!one of my fav tracks of all you guys to bits!!!
The donut stuck in the trumpet did'nt really impact the sound..... Is that what they call a crumpet??? ;-)
Greg, are you really wanting us to believe that this didn't have any post production tweaks? I've just been listening to this on headphones and was totally blown away by how amazing it sounds for a live recording. Are there any re-takes added in the studio?


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