Public Stage - Hogmanay 2005 - Glasgow, George Square - 'Violently'

A special moment from a special gig - our Hogmanay performance at Glasgow's George Square, in front of 10,000 revellers, on 31st Dec, 2005. Here's a beautiful (even if we say so ourselves!) rendition of the Remote classic, 'Violently', with some lovely guitar effects and horn lines. If you were there, give us your memories at the Hogmanay gig page on History City.

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My band said the same thing when they heard it ... no, there were no "tweaks" ... As u know, in a live recording all the mics bleed into eachother (so very difficult to "tweak") ... we're very prouda this one ... There's more 2 come from this gig ... just as good!

Can't wait to hear the others. And no wonder you are proud of this. To be able to sound this good, and then capture it all is no easy thing. I love it.
One of my favourite Hue & Cry songs. Just brilliant!
Wow...knock out! One of my favs....and yes it is...just beautiful
Hi Guys

Can I ask if it is in the plans to be able to download any of the video/audio stuff from the 'site? I'd love to have this version of Violently on my phone etc and even if it means I have to pay for it then I'd be happy to do so.

Likewise with the footage that's likely to appear on the website from the gigs, can we buy them as well as just watch them as freebies on here? I cannae watch this stuff on my massive telly with the speakers on hyper-drive which is kinda where I'd like it to be for the concert stuff.

Anyhoos, that there version of Violently is the donkeys wotsits, spectacular.
Hi Kenny

We record everything in hi-def, which means that it's going to be available in that form commercially at some point soon, DVD, download, whatever, so people can have a 'lean-back' as well as a 'lean-forward' experience (as you're asking for). We'll keep everyone informed as to 'developments' - you'll hear it here first.

best p&g
Cool, thanks a lot and I look forward to parting with some of my hard-earned to get more material.

I'm nae music guru or that, but if you put together a "highlights" DVD I'll be at the shops to buy it quick as a flash, but another idea might be to have the raw footage of each live track / gig downloadable so we can make our own DVD too?

Example; you did Mother Glasgow at Classic Grand, however, I read that you did Last Request at some of the other gigs, so if there was a "library" of live songs on the 'site be they audio or video, we the consumer could create our own "Best of" DVD's/CD's from the gigs for a modest fee.

You're pretty smart dudes so I guess you've more than likely already thought of this to be fair, but in case you hadn't I figured I'd take a wee punt.

All suggestions gratefully recieved, Kenny! We're exploring lots of models about how we distribute all this high quality material we're recording at gigs - the idea of a self-selected 'fan DVD' process is quite interesting, thanks.


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