Public Stage - 23rd May, 2009 - Lemon Tree, Aberdeen - 'Green Grow the Rashes O'

Hi all

Slowing down our pace of videos for the summer, but they're still coming... And quite a rarity tonight - our version of the classic Robert Burns ballad, "Green Grow the Rashes O", sung for the Aberdeen Lemon Tree audience on 23rd of May, a day after we premiered it at the 'Burns and 'A That' festival in Ayr the night before. Really enjoyed our piano-vocal trip out this time, we'll be going it again soon...

best, later, pat and greg x

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what can i say guys ! it was a great night enjoyed by all id say especially myself alison and louise stood right at the front!
the entire show was absolutely brilliant.
well done for the 2 burns songs aye fond kiss and green grow the rashes o both were just brilliantly done Pat.
hope youll be doing them again in the future talking of which soon? getting withdrawal symptoms already !
and thanks for putting the video up too. xxx
BE - A - UTIFUL as Frank would say. How amazing does this sound? Uhm, very amazing.
Thanks Pauline for the heads up that this was online. Oh I'm back at the Lemon Tree right now.
Excellent performance from an excellent gig.
Keep the gigs coming guys!
I'm so glad you've posted this on the site, it was a real highlight of a wonderful night. And what a great venue!! Took me right back to a night many moons ago at Manchester Apollo when I was a young pup seeing you at one of my first gigs ever!! I was totally blown away by the piano / vocal section of your set back then, memories of which mean't I just had to have a trip up the land to the Aberdeen gig. I really love your version of Man with the child in his eyes. Any chance of that on the site? Thank you so much. X
David, I know it's not the best quality - due to consumption of cider - but check out my vid of The Man With The Child In His Eyes. I adore that song and had to catch it on video somehow!
Wow, ask and ye shal get!! Thank you so much Alison, that's made my night!!
Glad to hear it! took a couple of vids and pics on the night. As you can probably tell, was right at the front!
right at the front!! i dont think anybody was gonna pinch our spaces there now were they?
With a title like that I stupidly assumed it was gonna be wrong was I ...fantastic bloody Fantastic.


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