Public Stage - Free Downloads from The Archive - Edinburgh Playhouse 20th May 1989 - 'Survivors', 'Rolling Home', 'Second Nature'

Hi all

We haven't put very much archive material up in Public Stage, but today we have something of a treat. Greg's been digging around in his tapes, and has found some live recordings from the Hue And Cry 80's heyday - specifically, our Edinburgh Playhouse 20th May 1989 gig.

But the three tracks he's picked are pretty much rarities. There's "Rolling Home", a b-side of one of our early singles. And there's also two tracks that were never actually taken into the recording studio, and only really exist in live form - an anti-Thatcherite song called "Survivors", and a song written with sax colossus Tommy Smith called "Second Nature'.

We're not only putting them up here on a web music player, but you can also download the tracks free to your pods and players as you wish (the links are below each player).

Fascinating to hear the differences and similarities between then and now... let us know what you think.

best to all

Pat and Greg x

TO DOWNLOAD - please right click on the links below each player

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TO LISTEN - please use the players below

Hue And Cry - "Rolling Home"

Download "Rolling Home"

Hue And Cry - "Survivors"

Download "Survivors"

Hue And Cry - "Second Nature"

Download "Second Nature"

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Pat and Greg thanks for uploading these tracks for us, we are not worthy.

And thanks for putting them on a higher VBR.
Second Nature! - another one I'd forgotten all about!
Brilliant..Thank you

I do remember this on the telly..was it a special BBC thing with interviews sliced inbetween the songs? I have a memory of Pat saying (to Muriel Gray??) ...Yes the girls DO scream at us but one hopes they then go home and read the lyrics...
Sorry if I've got it a wee bit worng..I particularly liked it 'cause it allowed me to justify my H&C mania at the time!!
You keep me coming back by offering these cool little Easter eggs. There is no reason to keep these locked up in your vaults when there are so many of us who will will be thrilled to give em a listen. Please find some more guys.
I think second nature was on a bbc 2 special with Tommy Smith. I remember the BBC special you are talking about Cat. It was from Inverness Eden Court. I also remember Patrick saying "For critics to like you, you have to act stupider than they are!" ,,,,and Gregory looking thoroughly bored. LOL. Great shout for "What the market requires" Paul.
Cheers guys for these.
I'm laughing here thinking how folk remember the band for Pat's spoken word as much as their music!!

See, Pat..? us screamin teenagers DID listen!!

Catriona x
I'm pretty sure that was Sounds of Eden, but I don't remember Second Nature on it... I watched that til the tape wore thin lol You can watch it all in bits on YouTube with the interviews in between. And yes, Greg did look really, really bored... :0) The one I want to find is the acoustic Ordinary Angel on Halfway to Paradise. One of the few times a track has literally stopped me in mine.
Listening to this stuff really takes me back. The crowd sounds great. I remember taping gigs off the radio and trawling around Candleriggs market for bootleg live stuff. This Playhouse gig was by far my favourite but there were other crackers from the Pavillion, SECC and Newcastle doing the rounds. I'm sure I taped this off Radio 1! but has been somewhat overplayed in the intervening years, so its so cool to download nice clean copies on here.
Loved the opening to Dollar William too coming up after Second Nature. It all sound surprisingly fresh. Was wondering if there were any recordings going about of a cover from around 1992 of a song I think was called "Strangle me with you love" I have hunted all over for it and can't find it. I'm beginning to think I dreamt it but I am sure I had a scratchy recording of it from the Pavillion in Glasgow. Any ideas???
Strangle Me With Your Love was a cover of a Defunkt song we did around the early nineties. You didn't imagine it -but I don't think it was as early as this gig.
Now, you could have reshaped my own little history city here!

For years I have treasured my C120 cassette recording from Radio 1 of what I was certain was one of these two gigs - I know it's certainly Edinburgh because of the classic line "Hello Edinburgh!"

But on my recording Rolling Home (one of my all time faves) forms a seamless 3/4 medley with Violently. So does this mean you guys just mix the set up night after night, or has my reality just been challenged??

Somebody help!

Anywhere I can find a track called Joe and Josephine? A B side from the early days. An amazing song!


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