Public Stage - Open Road Tour, 5th Mar, Birmingham Academy 2 - 'Looking For Linda/Vera Drives'

Hi all

This is what happens when you keep the solid-state digital cameras 'Always on Red'... A moment of artist-audience call-and-response at our recent Birmingham Academy 2 gig, when a fan shouts out she wants to hear 'Vera Drives', the band is all set up to play 'Looking for Linda' - and Pat tries a reasonable compromise... Enjoy!

best, p&g x

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Greg & Pat, thank you thank you thank you for this one. Unbelievable. I noted from twitter you were editing the Academy takes; you could not have chosen better. It was superb; moving and emotional when live and unexpected, now it will become an all time favourite and on video to boot. WOW. Any more footage from Birmingham? I feel honoured to have been present. Now all I have to do is wait until next time. Perhaps "piano & voice"? Steve
I recorded a 2 minute video clip at the Brum gig. Not very good quality though, but it's on my facebook.
omg, i was there standing just to the left........fantastic night. thankyou both,
I was there, and it was brilliant - you'd never tell it wasn't rehearsed. A great night...come back to Brum again please!
Thanks for posting this - amazing; I agree with Sheila - please get back to Brum as soon as you can.


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