Public Stage - Open Road Tour 2009 - 6th March, Durham Gala Theatre - 'History City'

Hi all

More from our teeming live video archive, and specifically from the recent and triumphant "Open Soul... Open Road" tour of 2009. This was at Durham Gala Theatre, and a song that was reguarly requested through the fan forums on this site - 'History City'. If you were at this gig, let us know below. Enjoy!

best, pat and greg x

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My favorite Hue and Cry gig...EVER!
Went over too quick! Can't wait for the next one
My first Hue and Cry gig
thought you's were great. Really influenced me as a musician
pat and greg, what did you thin of the gala theatre would you use it again,it sounded great?
lovin' Nick Clark's bass playing on this in particular!

While I am no great lover of Jamiroquai - and fully endorse Pat's view that he's basically put out the same album ten times and become a billionaire - he did strike a chord with the early 90s post-acid-house generation with dance music which was funky and, dare i say it, danceable... and this version of History City emphasises how "ahead of the game" Hue and Cry were even in 1987! The reason for mentioning this is that I could really hear the Jamiroquai band playing this track and passing it off as a new release for 2010 !!! (and that wouldn't be a good thing)
I lOVE Jamiroquai!!!

( my tuppence worth haha)
Factoid! . I played piano and was musical director for Jamiroquai's first ever UK TV performance. It was filmed in a bar in Perth, Scotland in 1993. And broadcast on STV. We played "Too Young To Die" and a cover (which I can't remember) ... JK was a funky wee bloke I remember ... I enjoyed it. Also got to play with Desond Decker, Omar, Mica Paris, Gary Clark, John Martin, The Christians ... good times ... Nick Clark and Mark Forshow where in the band with me.

Anyone remeber the name of the show?

Pat came on and did "Apparently Nothing" by Carlene Anderson on one episode.

Am I right in saying JK has gone on record before saying Hue and Cry were a big influence on Jamiroquai? I am sure I remember hearing or reading it. Would Hue and Cry ever support Jamiroquai do you think? (probably a silly question...KERCHING)
Was it Talkin Loud??
They used to do "Hollywood Swinging" by Kool and the Gang at around about this time. In fact he's got pretty decent taste in terms of covers, as they did "Signed Sealed Delivered" by Stevie Wonder and "Bad Girls" by Donna Summer more recently. Really interesting that you played with him Greg! I thought at the start the keyboard man was very much the 'business partner' - Toby Smith I think his name was?
Yeh Toby was there too ... nice guy ... Gr8 piano player ... dunno what happened btween the 2 of them !

Yes Paul, It was "Takin Loud" ... the show was TV/radio producer Stuart Cosgrove's baby ... he'sa BIG Soul/Funk fan ...



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