Public Stage - Open Road Tour - 20th Feb 2009 - Edinburgh Picture House - 'My Salt Heart'

Hi all

Greg's edited furiously to bring you this pounding clip from the Edinburgh Picture House gig on the 20th Feb, 2009 - the first time we've played My Salt Heart (from the Stars Crash Down album) for about 18 years. And if we say so ourselves, it still kicks ass... Let us know what you think, always great to hear from you.

best, pat and greg x

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I ADORE this song! It's in my top 3 fav's. You made my night on Sat, in Glasgow when you rocked the whole place with it. Thank you so much :-)
There is something very Steely Dan-esque about this, it would sit perferctly on their "Live in America" album. I was too busy dancing, clapping and singing on Saturday at the ABC, to notice how different this version is. Brilliant stuff guys, love it...cheers
Peter one of my favorite live records. I love their version of 'Reelin in the Years', with those beautifully rephrased horn lines. But when you combine smart lyrics, a rocking band and jazz/pop sensibility, you often find the Dan have been there well before you...
It's really great that Greg has put this together so quickly... I was a little bit tipsy and going ten to the dozen in row 1 and now fully comprehending why my neck ached so much Saturday morning!

Being right at the front, myself and Kenny did sacrifice a little of the sound quality but it really was a kick-ass version of a song that has been in hiding far too long.

10/10. Can't wait to see and hear more from the two gigs of that weekend... Superb efforts all round, bravo gentlemen!
Wowzers! Wonderful to hear a live version of what has always been a favourite. And what a version, amazing. Can't wait for the DVD.
This was always one of my favs as well! Fantastic to hear it again, and performed so bloody well! Got our Durham tickets now, cant wait!


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