Public Stage - Open Soul '08 - 12th Sept, Aberdeen Lemon Tree - 'Plan B'

Hi all

Another track from the 'Open Soul' album, as captured on our September '08 tour. This is our live version of 'Plan B', as taken from a great gig at Aberdeen's legendary Lemon Tree. If you were at the gig, let's hear your reaction and memories. More to come throughout the next year - keep watching this space!

best wishes
Pat and Greg x

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I loved that, and if that level of performance can be replicated in March in Brum i am going to be very happy. Great playing by the band and Pats voice is like Michael Buble with A levels (Different class)
What a hot version! sorry i missed this gig
Hi Lads,
I am at this moment checking out your performances from, Manchester and Aberdeen, and who said that real music these days is dead. With both of you in such great form Dublin wont know what hit them in February.

Take Care.
Keith Hooper,


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