Public Stage - Open Soul Tour '08 - 12th Sept, Aberdeen Lemon Tree - "European Child"

Hi all,

Another live clip from our triumphant first UK tour in September 2008. This time, it's from a stonking gig at Aberdeen's Lemon Tree, and it's a very stylish and elegant version of 'European Child', from the current album Open Soul. Lyrics and Music Labs to come on this track, but enjoy this performance from our band, really beginning to inhabit the song.

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Sounding fantastic. Tx
yes a fantastic performance at the lemon tree,like the better now i no the story behind the song
That was fantastic! one of my favourite songs on the album by far!
A big thank you with a round of applause.
Jan x :0)
Just a shout from Los Angeles to say that I loved your music back then; recently discovered numerous discs I didn't know about - loved those; got the new disc and, you guessed right - love that too. But this song in particular is my favorite of all the marvelous H&C I've consumed in the past two weeks. There are so many great, unexpected turns in this track musically and vocally. I played it for a friend who liked it so much I had to give him the CD and order another! Thanks for this one! (and the others!)
Hi Steven, great to hear fans from America, our ambition to tour and promote our work there at some point... stay with the club, we'll keep you posted. pk
Bit strange, seems there are two versions of this discussion? Still, saves anyone repeating themselves eh???.....

Go figure.
Loved it


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