Public Stage - 'Open Soul' Tour '08 - Inverness Ironworks, 11th Sept - 'C'mon Legs'

Hi all

Here's a magic moment from our recent Open Soul tour in September '08, at the Inverness Ironworks. We were all wandering back on stage to do our encore, with Pat and Paul Mills', our drummer, first on stage ("It's just me and the drummer!'). Pat decided to start singing 'C'mon Legs', a track from the new album Open Soul, because it involves a close harmony with Paul. They just keep going, until everyone else wanders on... Beautifully framed and cut by our Gregory. (And thanks for the handclaps folks!) Enjoy, more to come in a fortnight!

best, P&G x

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fantastic!! the only complaint i have is that the inverness audience were none too lively., myself included but only because id worked 2 very long days with very little sleep. had i been more with it id have been up there with you guys. still i wouldnt have missed it for the world xxx
Absolutely and utterly amazing.
That was lovely Thanks for the link Paul. I never get a chance to browse and find these things myself. As always, you got there first.



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