Public Stage - Open Soul Tour '08 - London Bush Hall, 15th Sept - "Stumble Through The Dance"

Hi all

Some more videos from our live gig vaults, this one from our triumphant London gig in Bush Hall in September 08. It's a live and moving version of the song that's become a classic from Open Soul, 'Stumble Through The Dance'. And don't forget we're playing round the corner, in a much bigger venue, on 7th March at London's Shepherd's Bush Empire (gig site and tickets here). See you there!

best, pat and greg x


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Fantastic...With so many new tracks recorded 'Live' now, how about getting some down onto CD and making a Live album for us fans!!!
Fantastic rendition of a brill song - thanks for letting us see this gem. How about coming to Liverpool lads? It's been a few years since I last saw you at the Neptune.......
This is hue and cry (and band) at their very best,PERFECTION.

My fav of that album!


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