Public Stage - Open Soul Tour '08 - Sept, Manchester Academy 2, 'Fireball'

Hi all

More highlights from our September '08 tour, to get your appetites whetted for the coming UK Open Soul... Open Road tour (get your tickets here!) in Feb-March '09. Here's a very funky version of 'Fireball', the opening track on the album Open Soul (news on how to buy that here!). Hope you enjoy, let us know if you do...

best, pat and greg x

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If the performances on the forthcoming tour are anything like this then we're in for an awesome experience!
Hi Lads,
I truly love your live version of " Fireball ", it``s been quite a wait, but lads, every single moment, every single album for the past 22 years you both consistantly produce gem after gem. Keep up the good work.

P.S. - Love the new album, pure class.

Keith Hooper,
Hi Pat & Greg,
Love the live footage of your gigs in Manchester and Aberdeen. I am really looking forward to your Dublin gig next month, as you probably can tell by the number of occasions that i have logged onto your website. When you have been patient for over 10 years i never thought that i would ever see you both live again. Thank God for " Hit me baby one more time ". Welcome back lads.
Only 31 days to go and counting.

Take Care,
Tight !
yip that on


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