The Hue And Cry Music Club is a place for you to come together to celebrate everything Hue And Cry-like. If you want to see new friends (and old ones), or share your memories (recent and past) about gigs and events you've attended, or post up clips and images and other memorabilia, this is the place to be!

We provide a number of ways you can do this:-

HISTORY CITY: A complete archive of every gig performed by Hue And Cry since being founded in 1986. Were you there? Do you have the photos to prove it? Is there someone you met then you'd like to contact again? Do it on History City

MEMBERS BLOGS: On every MyPage there is a blogging function - you can use it to give your reviews, tell your Hue And Cry story, and otherwise inform the community about your passion for the band. We'll monitor these, and the bros Kane will endeavour to respond if they can. We'll also feature the best ones on the front page.

OPEN FORUM: Do you have a great idea, a debate about a lyric or song, or some useful proposals to make? This is the place to do so.

Look forward to hearing from you!

best, Pat and Greg

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