This is the hub for all things visual (and audio-visual) about Hue And Cry!

It's here you can watch the videos we generate for singles, promotions and documentaries about the making of our music. And it's also the place you can upload and share your own pics and vids from gigs, meet-and-greets, bumping into us in the street... whatever you like that's Hue-And-Cry related!

Below are the main options:

Hue And Cry Photos - see a great gallery of existing pics, and post your own

Hue And Cry Videos - a massive collection of Hue And Cry live performances over the last six years - and some from much earlier! Post it to YouTube or Vimeo, and share it here

Private Stage - an occasional series where we respond to song requests, and put together a beautiful video of us performing the song.

Public Stage - an archive of stage performances that Hue And Cry have lovingly edited and produced themselves

Lyrics Lab - an occasional series where Pat explains the meaning behind his lyrics, from throughout the H&C songbook

Music Lab - an occasional series where Greg explains the mysteries of music and production of Hue And Cry songs, old and new

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