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all i need is a sax and i'm all the road.. anyhoo that's my youngest  daughter not the missus!!!!

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perth rewind

a fantastic set (i wee bit short) but we understand you were on a time slot schedule.. we basically came to see and hear you guy's (a 1st for my wife, but NOT  my 25 year old daughter)! and of course Billy Ocean!! anyhoo have a great time at HENDLEY and "WISH WE WAS THERE!!.. I would have given my right arm to have had the opportunity to photograph on stage, but i still think i did'nt do to bad in capturing the moment.. cheers dave (grandad-dave's classic cameras).. (available on a well…


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I think this would be a great Hue and Cry cover

I found a little known gem of a song which I suddenly had the idea might make a great song for Hue and Cry to cover. It's "Too Many Cooks" by Mick Jagger and produced by John Lennon. Just check out the funky brass on this song.






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Glasgow Kiss Live

Hi Greg / Pat,


Not been on here for a while. Just wanted to ask, as i couldn't see mention, but will the Glasgow Kiss Live Pts1 & 2, ever be available on CD?


Secondly, When are you doing the next Glasgow 2 nighter? Cos i want to know if i need to keep some holiday for this side of New Year or not. 


I assume if you've the LP coming out you may be touring with that, but don't not do one, cos i miss my deep fried haggis.




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Chords, chords, chords - please!



I've searched everywhere to get chords for the H&C songs so that I can strum away on my guitar, but to no avail. Nothing on the tab sites, can't seem to find any sheet music books. Do any of you have any of the H&C chords annotated anywhere. I just order a songframe, so at least I'll have Labour of Love, but was looking also for Violently, Widescreen, She Makes a Sound, Ordinary Angel and Looking for Linda.


Anyone able to point me in the right…


Added by Philip Brown on July 20, 2011 at 21:09 — 4 Comments

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