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Thank you yet again!

Well, well, well, Pat and Greg.  What can I say?  That was such a fabulous weekend and I think you are sounding better than ever.   Yes, I'm biased, but that's allowed isn't it?  23 years since my first Hue and Cry gig, I think I'm entitled to be.

Thanks to the Music Club, I have made so many new friends over the last couple of years.  And I must admit, I was probably looking forward more to catching up with them than the gigs.  OK, that sounds harsh (sorry) but it was like a…


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Shamless Plug

Not really Hue and Cry related (although some of their music is helping me in my traning!) but I'd like to mention some fundraising I'm currently doing.


In 4 weeks time, along with thousands of other women, I will be attempting to walk 26.2 miles round the streets of Edinburgh, wearing a decorated bra, during the night!  Who comes up with these ideas? 


We are a small team of 9 ladies, all with the same disability of supporting the Dons ;)  We are raising money…


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From Aberdeen's Evening Express - Monday 25th May 2009

Neil Evans

Saw Hue and Cry at the Lemon Tree, Aberdeen

Hue and Cry were big in the 1980s but they are not ones to let nostalgia get the better of them.

The two brothers played a stripped down gig with Pat Kane's smooth, soulful vocals and Greg on piano.

It gave the night an intimate feel as they played old songs, and tracks of the new album.

And, fresh from an appearance at a Burns' Festival in Ayr, they played two traditional songs by the Bard,… Continue

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Lemon Tree, 23rd May 2009

I never get bored watching these guys perform. And after the performance at the Lemon Tree, I don't think I ever will.

Met up with Pauline and Louise for a wee drink before the gig, and when we wandered into the Lemon Tree, back of 8, there were people there, but loads of space in front of the stage. We'd found our place to stand! My hubby, not being the biggest of Hue and Cry fans, found someone from his work to speak with, so that saved him being bored to tears listening to 3 enthusiasts… Continue

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Boys are coming back to Aberdeen

OMG, how excited was I when I got the email from Hue and Cry to say that they were playing at the Lemon Tree again. Couldn't wait to get home from work last night to book my tickets! But I did think that the 23rd May rang a bell. Was maybe going down to Glasgow for a wee sesh that day, but that's not going to happen now!

Time to get my Hue and Cry mp3 disc back in the car and go for a few long drives!

Blog to follow after May 23rd!

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The Lemon Tree - September 12th 2008

The boys are back - and still as good (if not better)

I had been looking forward to this night for a while. Being the night before my wedding anniversary, my husband was getting no choice in the fact that we were going!

We arrived at the Lemon Tree just on 9pm, and I was pleasantly surprised to see a queue formed heading up towards King Street. But the queue to get in went down a lot quicker than the queue at the bar!

Met up with a couple of friends, so we found… Continue

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