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Hue and Cry join Average White Band onstage at Celtic Connections

We are excited to announce that Hue and Cry will be joining the Average White Band on stage as special guests on Friday 3rd February at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall as part of this year’s Celtic Connections Festival. Pat and Greg will be performing with the Average White Band during their set when everyone will play special renditions of an Average White Band song and a Hue and Cry song, plus another couple of surprises! Pat and Greg are delighted to be joining a fantastic line up of…


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The Hue and Cry Hot Wire Weekend

As Hue and Cry put the finishing touches to their brand new album ‘Hot Wire’ (currently scheduled for release early next year) the band are delighted to announce that they will be performing two special shows in Glasgow’s ABC venue in March. The brothers return to the venue by popular demand after the hugely successful ‘History City’ and ‘Glasgow Kiss’ weekends, the HOT WIRE weekend promises to be the best experience yet.

Friday, 30th March will see Pat and Greg Kane perform an…


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Hue and Cry on Vintage TV

Highlights from the Rewind festival in will be shown on Vintage TV on Friday 7th October at 7,45pm. Tune in to see Pat and Greg catch up with presenter Mike Read. You can watch Vintage TV on Sky 369 or Free Sat 515.

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The Glasgow Kiss Weekend - Live Albums

In response to unprecedented demand following the phenomenal success of the sold out Hue and Cry Glasgow Kiss Weekend earlier this year, live recordings from both the ‘Piano & Vocal’ and ‘Full Band’ shows are now available for digital download.

Glasgow Kiss Live combines a brilliant collection of Hue and Cry classics spanning over Pat and Greg’s careers along with classic love…


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Hue And Cry Album Blog - Video Diary - Vocal Day 2 - Practice and Performance

Hi all

After the fun and chaos of the Glasgow Kiss weekend, back to creativity... Another few vocal days for me with the new album. This is a bit of a warts'n'all video - I'm showing you my daily routine leading up to singing, including my warm-ups, my sandwich buying for Greg and I, and our turn to Spotify for musical inspiration. Then two bare vocal performances of forthcoming tracks - Build It With The Hand And Heart, and Carlos Takes The Fall. 

Getting close to the…


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Hue And Cry Album Studio Blog - Week 41

Hi all


Pat here again... Exciting day today for me - we begin the final vocals for "Hot Wire", our forthcoming studio album, in earnest. I remember something I once wrote about Remote in 1989 - something along the lines of, "my brother sets up a track like a set of comfortable cushions, upon which I perch and let fly". Greg's incredible taste and talent as a musician, producer and arranger gives me that experience every time I come in to sing . And today was no…


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Album Studio Blog 2010 - Week 40

Hi all

Pat here, doing some blog-work while Greg pieces together our next magnum opus...

Album Update

Just some info on the timing of everything: I'm planning to be in Princeton University, Feb-May 2010, as their artist-in-residence - which means a deadline for my involvement with the record for just…


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Pat Kane writes on X-Factor and the New Music Biz model, in the Sunday Herald

Hi all

You might be interested to read Pat's essay on X-Factor and how there's an alternative kind of music business waiting in the wings, published in the Sunday Herald this week.
Much mention of the kinds of things we're doing here on the Music Club and in the Shop.
Link is here - all comments…

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Album Studio Blog 2010 Week 39 - Pat's first one!

I'm taking over some of the duties of this weekly blog for a while - Greg is zooming in on the final few months of putting together the Hot Wire album. Don't worry, he's not disappearing, just delegating...

We did an interview for Scotland's no.1 tabloid The Daily Record this morning with John Dingwall, a very old colleague from way way way back in the day (this isn't the pic, but just to show you what he looks like).…

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What Do You Think Of "Bitter Suite, Again" - CD/DVD and Calendar?

Hi all

No doubt some of you will be receiving your "Bitter Suite, Again" package - with CD/DVD and the new 2011 calendar. We're always keen to hear what you think of our lovingly prepared product, music and everything. So let us know in the comment boxes…

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We Need To Know - What Venues Should We Be Playing In Your Part of the World?

Hi folks

All pistons pumping in the H&C planning room... and we need your help on something specific.

What are the venues close to you, or accessible to you, that you'd like to see us playing? Whether for full-band or piano-vocal?

Any suggestions gratefully received -- please post below!

best, pat and greg x

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"Jute Mill Song (They Fairly Mak Ye Work)" - 'Piano & Voice' classic now on wall of Scottish Parliament!

Small moment of deep Scottish connection here, that has to be noted...

Greg and I once did a version of a song called The Jute Mill Song (They Fairly Mak' Ye Work), which we always thought that Micheal Marra (the great composer of Mother Glasgow) had written - he was the guy we heard performing it first.

But it turns out it was written by Mary Brooksbank, a Scottish communist-feminist - and… Continue

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Friday Night Chat - damn'd technologie!

Hi all

UPDATE (Sat, Apr 14): Sorry about tech glitches everyone - it worked pretty well the last time on Ning, so we're going to inquire of them what the problem was. I think all your enthusiasm overloaded their system! Hopefully fixed for next week, when Greg will take on the conversation.

best, pat

* * * *

We're trying a bit of an experiment for a few weeks, maybe longer... the Ning platform that the Music Club is based on allows us to have a… Continue

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We are... Sophisti-Pop!?

Had to share this with you all... was checking out the Wikipedia entry on Hue And Cry, and came to this page on the site.

They put us in a category which I have never heard of and which tickles me greatly...


They… Continue

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Putting Personal Photos on your "My Page"

Hi all

Have you ever wanted to put personal pictures on your My Page? Here's the right way!

Your My Page has both a "Photos" and a "Text Box" function. We know it seems a bit odd, but DON'T use the Photos function to upload personal photos to your page! .

We're using "Photos" for Hue And Cry-related images only - you can post those up. We won't approve personal photos uploaded through that function.

But please,… Continue

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Great Flickr slideshow of Birmingham Academy Gig

Hi all

Just found a Flickr feed of some great picks of the Birmingham O2 Academy gig, with lots of close-ups of the full band.… Continue

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Online Chat

A massive thanks to everyone who took part in the online chat...we had a lot of fun and got some good suggestions for the tours setlist!
Here is a photo of us hard at work answering your questions -

See you on the road,
best, pat & greg x

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Pat and Greg's Picks of 2008

hueandcrybig.jpg Hi all

While we're in the Xmas spirit, we thought we'd share with you our top cultural and technological picks of 2008.

If you have any burning favourites or highlights of this kind from this year, let us know in the "Reply to this" box below. Perhaps some Xmas present lists will be refreshed as a result...

Greg's first, Pat's in a few hours:


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Some recent Hue And Cry Press + Media coverage

hueandcrybig.jpg hueandcrybig.jpg Sunday Times interview with Greg and Pat, again focussing on their thinking behind the Music Club, and how Remote's 'The Only Thing' predicted the website!…


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Ning praises the Hue And Cry Music Club

hueandcrybig.jpgDelighted that we're featuring in Ning's "Network Spotlight" blog, celebrating our Music Club. You can read the blog here.

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