Struggling to know what to make of 2012 as a Hue and Cry fan.

The Hotwire weekend in Glasgow was superb, with the Q&A being particularly enjoyable but the gig in London was a little disappointing for me, something just didn't feel right that night, can't put my finger on it but It wasn't what I expected. I'm sure it was nothing to do with the band though.

There was the pride, should I be proud??!! I'm just a fan after all?... when the guys performed on Jools Holland Radio 2 show and the fantastic contribution to the Titanic broadcast which felt like an historic moment. Then the ecstasy of tuning in to see them live from the Isle of Wight festival. A very emotional moment for me. I have this real unhealthy obsession with Hue and Cry you see!!;-)

I'm not sure, though, that Hotwire lived up to expectations. Only 1 single and video so far concerns me that despite the reviews being universally positive, gig crowds in Scotland being really good and loads of TV and radio, the record perhaps didn't sell as they had hoped. It was, in my view, a magnificently crafted record, full of outstanding performances and it would be a real pity if it disappeared along with albums like "Truth and Love" and "Showtime" never to again see the light of day.

I would have loved to have seen "Little Man" released with Spiersy rapping, or "Hand and Heart" and would have loved to have seen a video for "Carlos.." despite what the song says I suppose we CANT have it all.

We caught the guys in Hamilton and Edinburgh on the last tour and this band kick serious ass! Despite the fact that I hated the Queens Hall and much prefer standing venues for this type of Hue and Cry record, the guys were incredible but again in Edinburgh I sensed something not quite right, end of tour/record blues maybe..or tiredness..probably I read too much into stuff but as I said I feel an emotional attachment to the band and really want to see them get what they deserve. It's kinda like following a football team for me. You dont deviate, you dont change. "Thick n thin" and all that or thin n thinner when you follow the football teams I follow. lol

I also think that despite our friends down south being treated to what seemed like a fantastic "stripped" tour it was a shame they didnt get to hear the band hammering through "Hotwire" the way we far.

So what next...the guys are quiet on here these days and we are too, very little comes out of twitter these days and as usually happens the guys will take a well earned break from Hue and Cry as they have devoted much of the last year to it and other projects/jobs/family stuff has to take priority and rightly so.

I am hopeful they can mark the 25th anniversary of Remote next year somehow and drip feed us a bit on here to keep us going. I hope this band can play together again, because I believe its the finest Hue and Cry band I have seen and I would love them to play Remote, the album, start to finish. I hope they get the chance to do the big ballad album Pat spoke about in interviews and I dearly hope they get the chance to honour Michael Marra by playing Mother Glasgow at the Commonwealth games in 2014. The good news is they were in rehearsals with the band this week so hopefully we will hear some plans soon for the future.

In the meantime I'd like to thank Pat, Greg and the band for another enjoyable ride following them around and for being so nice to me and mine. I wish you both well and hope to be stalking you again in the not too distant future!:-)


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Comment by Tracey on November 7, 2012 at 16:55
Oops 2012 looks like I'm a year ahead of everybody else!!!!!
Comment by Tracey on November 7, 2012 at 16:06
Well done Chris for injecting a bit of life back into Music Club. Well 2013 for me in 'H&C world' has been a fantastic one, I've had the fortune to be able to see them in not only my birth city - Glasgow but also got to see them in my city Aberdeen. Glasgow was made even better for me with the surprise of a VIP pass for Saturday thanks to the misfortune of Mr McLeod who became poorly after one too many deep fried Mars bars. I arrived to a lovely welcoming glass of champers which was most appreciated after the long drive down from The Granite City- the nicest part was to see the lovely friends I've made via the Music Club. Aberdeen was a fantastic night too - all VIP'd up and in great company again (dodgy photographer was only downfall).
I have listened to both new CD's and enjoyed very much - still selling The Big Issue to help buy the next lot but will get there. Cheers to all for a great year xxx
Comment by michelle on November 5, 2012 at 12:05

excellent post Chris, I've not been able to get to any gigs since the hotwire weekend and was gutted about that, I'm hoping for something amazing next year, hopefully in the summertime as lots of family gatherings/weddings planned for next year, (please take note H&C HQ I'd hate to miss out again lol) I, like Kenny, have been following more on fb site but would love to see the music club a hive of activity as in the open soul days :)


Comment by chris on November 3, 2012 at 10:36

Cheers guys for the feedback. I'm always worried the guys perceive what I say on here as criticism but I don't mean it to be, but I've never been certain that they realise just how much the band means to some of us.

I really think it's a shame that there isn't the same interaction on here between the band and the fans as there was during the Open Soul record and I have always thought that we need to do more as fans too, I remember Pat saying at the time that this was a partnership, so perhaps us lot should kick things on now especially in the downtime between records.

I don't think anyone on here wants Hue and Cry as an 80's revival band so I think the weekend idea of Kennys is a great idea. Really would be nice to mark the anniversary of what most consider "THE" Hue and Cry album and also hear plans for the future.

Hoping tickets don't go on sale too soon after forkin oot for "Livewire" though!!!


Comment by Kenny McLeod on October 31, 2012 at 14:33

Great post Chris, and yes, it has gone awfully quiet on the Ning 'site....I know Greg put an enormous amount of effort into having this site live, but it's now only really used as a promotional tool and not particularly social any longer, I do wonder if it would be worth the time to build on the H & C Facebook site which would give the same (better?) functionality whilst also more encouraging toward social interaction.

My 'H & C' year started pretty crap with a Platinum Pass purchased for the Hot Wire weekend only for me to wake up in The Thistle Hotel on Saturday morning with some Weegie lurgee....retreat was the only option and I made for home donating my Saturday night pass to a fellow MC friend.  Bummer.

I've not found Hot Wire as instantly playable as Open Soul, which for my money is one of P&G's finest pieces of work, but since the more recent tour I've been playing HW some more and it has grown on me, but not quite on my 'top 10 playlist'.  A good example would be that Open Soul was in my 6-car CD changer for over a year, I'd change the other 5 but always left Open Soul in there - HotWire I've only played sporadically since it's launch, but I do find myself playing it more now.  Was good to hear P & G belting oot the tracks during the Scottish Tour, I managed Dundee & Aberdeen - tried to organise an "East Coast H & C weekend" but love the poor West-Coasters who get a nose-bleed anywhere east of Cumbernauld....;-)

Dundee gig was good.....not great.....but good, band were on great form and the venue itself was brilliant but the crowd was a little lackluster - and some steamin' drunk Dundee wifee wouldnae leave Pat alone whilst he was on stage doing his thang!

Aberdeen gig was excellent, met with several of the MC ladies (Ali, Pauline & Tracey) and met one or two new friends in the front row, did the Platinum Pass thing on Saturday which is pretty good value, even if it is only one glass of Chilean sparkling wine......but to hear the lads stripped back and taking requests was tremendous.  We were treated to Just Say You Love Me, White Collar (my own request), Ordinary Angel & Last Stop.  Pat & Greg had quite a lot of time for the crowd in Aberdeen as there wasn't the usual few hundred as there would be at an ABC gig, the evening itself was excellent and left me with a renewed appreciation for the new album.

For 2013, I agree entirely and there has been a lot of talk of a past album tour, perhaps a weekend in Glesgay with Friday night as the 25th Remote night and Saturday for new work?  Even a stripped back Remote album performance would work well......

Finally, to something Pat said on the Saturday night in Aberdeen - which I hadn't considered - these guys aren't an '80's revival band' churning out Poison Arrows or Spinning Right Rounds,  they are proper musicians making proper music for this millennium - albeit with a much loved back catalogue, thankful to still have them working and putting so much effort into their work...lang mae their lum reek.



Comment by Paul Rendel on October 29, 2012 at 10:47

Nicely put Chris......reminds me of a Linda Who? blog! I only managed to see them at Sale Waterside during the 'stripped' tour and they were fantastic. As you said, I would loved to have seen the full band in full swing hammering out Hot Wire. Good to see there is a live album on the horizon to keep our 'fix' going!


Comment by Alison MacAulay on October 28, 2012 at 22:27
Well said Chris!

I think the gigs in Glasgow will always be the best ones, home crowd and all that. To me, Pat's voice just gets better every time I hear him, even if his memory waivers a wee bit. All part of the live show though.

I have tried to get Original FM here to new H&C but never seems to work. The only track they seem to have is Labour of Love!

I have been a fan (not quite a stalker) for many a year, first meeting them at HMV when they were promoting Seduced. I was hooked. I wasn't particularly keen on the jazz spell but if I heard they were appearing in Aberdeen, I did my best to get there. It is only in more recent years that I have travelled to Glasgow to see them.

This site has been great and through it I have made many new friends and pretty much know I would never have to go to a gig myself, allowing my long suffering husband to stay at home!

And 25th anniversary of Remote? I cannae be that old surely ..... ;)

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