Some recent Hue And Cry Press + Media coverage

hueandcrybig.jpghueandcrybig.jpgSunday Times interview with Greg and Pat, again focussing on their thinking behind the Music Club, and how Remote's 'The Only Thing' predicted the website!

Two page interview in the Daily Record, focussing on Pat and Greg's use of the internet to support the new album Open Soul (here's the video version). Also watch some exclusive performances for the Daily Record website of Last Stop, Heading for a Fall and Labour of Love!

Great interview in the Glasgow Evening Times!

Faintly approving review on Teletext website

Review of Open Soul in Isle of Man News

Great blog review of our London Bush Hall gig - thanks Messaged From The Outhouse!

Interview and feature with Pat and Greg by Kevin Young on BBC News Online - Entertainment

Hue And Cry interviewed on STV's Five Thirty Show - featuring soundcheck performance of The Last Stop!

Great 4-star review of Open Soul in Scotland on Sunday "They're better than any of their contemporary purveyors of blue-eyed jazz funk, thanks to Greg Kane's beautifully toned muscular arrangements and brother Pat's sophisticated vocals. Open Soul is crisp and cheerful. Their cover of Beyoncé's 'Crazy In Love' reignited their musical career courtesy of TV's Hit Me Baby One More Time, but is secondary to this collection of suave pop songs. The siblings are at their best at a high tempo as on the title track – a typically irresistible floor filler.

Download this: Open Soul, Heading For A Fall"

Review of recent competition winners gig in Leeds

Interview with the Sunday Post - great coverage of the website.

Sunday Times - Going For A Song: this is a feature where artists get a chance to talk about the song that means most to them. Pat took the opportunity to write about Scritti Politti's The Sweetest Girl.

The Sun - interview with Matt Bendoris: really good, funny profile

Billy Sloan in The Sunday Mail: short interview

We'll post more here as they appear.

best, p & g x

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Comment by Hue And Cry on October 31, 2008 at 9:13
No, we don't have minders - that was our business partner! (A fit-looking man, it's true...) Bit over excited journalist there. best pk
Comment by David on October 31, 2008 at 9:09
Sunday Times - good piece.

You have minders???
Comment by Amanda on October 8, 2008 at 20:40
delivered like a bored cabaret combo and received by a largely uninspired crowd. ????????
Is this woman on drugs?? Pat's voice not distinctive? She needs to see a doctor! Plainly obvious she was not there that night and if she was then she shouldn't have been! Looks to me like she got some numpty to write her column for her and if she was there she certainly would not have seen an uninspired crowd and a bored cabaret combo. She would have seen a proud audience of Hue and Cry fans with the best duo in the whole world on stage and us loving every second (I did and i know many of you agree!) A moment I'll never forget was Pat holding up his mike and us singing Ordinary Angel to them.... dream come true.
We love you Pat and Greg and we laugh at reviews like this because they haven't got a clue!!!
Comment by Martin on September 19, 2008 at 11:11
Inspired by Westlife, you don't hear that very often from a serious muso!
Comment by Paul Rendel on September 17, 2008 at 22:14
Was she at the same gig as me?
Comment by Paul Rendel on September 17, 2008 at 22:13
Hue and Cry @ Club Academy
Marissa Burgess
17/ 9/2008

HUE and Cry have been slow to hop aboard the ‘80s revival bandwagon (or should that be Ford Capri?).

Some have been touring for the last few years in compilation shows full of bands that have back combed what hair they still have and dusted off their twelve inch remixes.

The brothers Kane (Pat and Greg for those who don’t have an old copy of Smash Hits to hand) managed 16 years away from the mainstream but it was the chance to appear on reality show Hit Me Baby One More Time that tempted them back to the limelight and brought about the subsequent renewed interest.

So what better a time to pen a new album, Open Soul, and tour it.

In their hey day the Kane’s were a part of the Scottish movement of ‘blue eyed soul’ including Deacon Blue and, at the more commercial end, Wet Wet Wet.

Hue and Cry’s new stuff is in the same vein as the early outings – old school bluesy soul with a touch of funk.

Both ends of their 20-year career are showcased tonight, though events don’t get off to a great start.

Looking For Linda

Pat’s not happy with the sound and the first three tracks, two new ones and the ever bland Looking for Linda, are delivered like a bored cabaret combo and received by a largely uninspired crowd.

However techy problems sorted and the band kick into gear.

There’s no great change of direction to be found here, they’re still largely at their best when belting out a rousing number such as their hit Labour of Love, rather than the slower songs though there is an emotive performance of new song Stumble.

Pat’s voice was never the most distinctive but it was always strong and remains so, the intervening years of shouting the kids in for their tea haven’t diminished it.

They round events off with two encores aptly ending on a competent cover of fellow Scot Paolo Nutini’s Last Request - the second cover of the evening after their reprisal of Beyonce’s Crazy In Love as they performed it on Hit Me Baby One More Time.

What did you think? Have your say.

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Comment by Kenny McLeod on September 17, 2008 at 19:15
Pat turned down a support slot with Ol’ Blue Eyes when he played Ibrox stadium in 1993.
Greg shoots his brother a dirty look.
Pat — who has two daughters Grace, 18, and Eleanor, 11 from his first marriage — mutters: “Please don’t mention that.

Not trying to pour fuel onto the 3-foot-blasts-of-fire here Pat but....Sinatra........dude........Jesus!

Did you end up drunk in a gutter the day he passed away? I recall at one gig you proclaimed (after telling us about the New Year sing-songs with you doing Frankie) that when he passed you'd be "roaring drunk in a gutter somewhere."

Hey Greg - never let him forget - Sinatra.

Comment by Mr Jamie Michael Lister on September 17, 2008 at 18:31
hahaha! Yes, the Sun interview was done in excellent humour! Only thing i find puzzling is the 'pop' tag for the new album? Pop? really? I don't think so, it matters not what the pigeon hole be..! Good stuff, a very entertaining read!. Hope the wee lassy didn't get into too much trouble for spitting out her cheese on 'The five thirty show'! Hehehehe!
Comment by Paul Rendel on September 15, 2008 at 15:17

"Coaxed back into the fray by the 2005 ITV reality show Hit Me Baby, brothers Pat and Greg Kane now deliver up what is billed as their first pop studio album for 16 years.
They had spent much of the nineties journeying deep into the heart of jazz, and that shows on this album. In terms of rhythms, harmonies and arrangements it's extremely sophisticated stuff, but with a good helping of the perky, self-assured pop sensibility that drove their slew of hit singles in the late eighties.
Included is a storming version of Beyonce's Crazy I Love which reminds us what a deft singer Pat Kane can be, particularly when he's given a busy rhythm to work with."
Comment by Martyn on September 1, 2008 at 21:19
The Sun interview is hilarious - 'Time hasn't been kind'... a career that 'went tits up'... 'PRAT Kane'... 'Thoroughy Miserable' - I'm so proud you guys are my favourite band of all time.

actually the most alarming fact is that Pat was drinking black decaf coffee - whats that all about?

Its a good job the new single is fantastic

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