"Open Soul" previews and interviews on BBC Radio Scotland + Radio Clyde's Billy Sloan

hueandcrybig.jpgThe Janice Forsyth Show on BBC Radio Scotland, 15th June, featured an exclusive interview with Pat and Greg about the new album Open Soul. Janice opened the discussion playing the classic ‘Looking For Linda’, went on to play forthcoming single ‘The Last Stop’ and album track ‘Fireball’. She described the new material as simply “FANTASTIC”.

Another Scottish radio event (15th June) was Billy Sloan, one of our longest term supporters, playing some tracks on his music show on Clyde 1, from 7pm-10pm GMT. Billy played our first ever demos in 1985 ("Love Is The Master", if you're asking), and it's a delight for him to be still playing us over 20 years later. If you want to listen, click here for Billy's page - the live stream icon is at the top.

On his Saturday Clyde 2 show he played the single ‘The Last Stop’ as well as ‘Stumble Through The Dance’. After also trailing the fact that he’d be playing new Hue and Cry material in his Sunday Mail newspaper column, he played ‘Heading For A Fall’, ‘Stumble Through The Dance’ and ‘Connect’ on his Sunday Clyde 1 show. Billy had this to say about the new material: "ALSO GOT THE FIRST PLAY OF THE NEW HUE AND CRY ALBUM, OPEN SOUL ... THEIR FIRST POP RECORD FOR 16 YEARS. IT'S BEEN MORE THAN WELL WORTH THE WAIT. A GREAT ALBUM”.

Let us know what you think in the comments space below, be great to hear from you.

best p&g x x x

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Comment by Martyn on June 16, 2008 at 21:20
Listened to the Radio Scotland interview earlier today and it the enthusiasm you guys have for the new album really came through.

It was also great to hear the new tracks sounding as strong as Looking For Linda (no mean feat!) - can't wait to get them on my ipod

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