Week 35 of "Hot Wire" Album 01/11/10 - November? ... already? ... where has this year gone? ... Again, didn't get much done on "Hot Wire" this week. I'm doing 10 hr days, 6 days a week and still can't cram everything in ... :( Need to plan my time better I think ... Will get on it this week!
Pat and I started on the
Song Frame requests. See images below ...

I've been trying to work out the best way to display the music part of the Song Frame. I want it to both look good and be functional (ie you'll be able to play the piano parts) ... these are the exact parts I play on the piano to these songs. If any of you are interested, I'll post up the midi files so u can have a closer look at me voicings :)
I hope those of you who have ordered your Song Frame enjoy'm when they arrive this month ... Pat and I had fun creating all the elements ...

Recording a band without headphones / isolation.
I was recording a new Blues/R'n'B band called the "The Scimitars" last weekend. Classic "Stones" line up and sound. They hired me 'cause they needed the recordings to sound good but wanted to just plugin and play live in the studio ... no headphones / isolation booths etc ... all in the one room at the one time ... no overdubs. Now, this is difficult to do well. 1st u need a good band ... good instruments and amps ... a decent sounding room ... great mics (selected and positioned accurately) ... and hope everyone "peeks" at the same time .... Oh, and a bit of luck :) ... it's a lot to ask! I've done this type of recording many times with jazz/folk/calssical set ups, but only a few times with a "rock" set up (most successfully, producing/engineering The Ronelles' album "Motel" )
The most important thing to do is set out the room as you would end up mixing the recordings. The reason being that the drum overhead mics will pick up everything! So this is how I arranged the room at the weekend for "The Scimitars'" recording session ... see below.

... this is what it sounded like ... ... Its very important that the bass was placed, facing the drums directly in front of the bass drum.. The bass frequencies produce the most energy, hence it needs to be positioned in the middle of the stereo field so the "load" can be shared equally by both speakers ... sounded good :)

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Comment by Paul...Ordinary Angel on November 3, 2010 at 17:33
Very interesting regarding "live" recording Greg. I've just been listening to an interview with Roy Cicala about trying to record John Lennon for the Rock n Roll album which I believe was recorded by Spector in a similar way (but then mostly re-recorded at a later date). http://www.pbs.org/wnet/americanmasters/episodes/lennonyc-beyond-br...
Comment by www.bookapicture.com on November 1, 2010 at 22:44
Really interesting stuff Greg, I've been teaching piano and drum kit for 20 years.
Lately I've been wanting that studio fun time which you've just mentioned
I just sit with logic and a piano. Really need the band thing again.
Loving your constant enthusiasm.
Ps I did the photos at Newcastle House Of Fraser, probably can't remember
Anyway it was great to hear you up close again.

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