Week 36 of "Hot Wire" Album 08/11/10 - Poor wee "Hot Wire", neglected again this week! I had to spend all week creating 4 video trailers for the launch of "Bitter Suite, Again" CD/DVD, "Song Frames" our "2011 Calendar" and the "Bitter Suite, Again" Bundle ... they turned out great.
Editing HD video takes for ever to do tho ... I so need a new Mac Pro 12 core computer ... it would make things go so much quicker and make my life much more bearable :-/ ... it's a big ask, but a letter to Santa is being drafted as we speak :)

A few more Song Frame requests arrived this week ... one of which was for the song "Where We Wish To Remain" from our album "Remote". I hadn't thot of this song for years ... I'm not even sure if Pat and I have ever played it live! .... but what a great recording! ... Michael Brecker, Ron Carter, Andy Newmark, Me and Pat! ... now there's a line up! ...

... Trying to work out the chords took me ages! Most of the time when I try to work out the chords to our old songs, I have to play them over and over again ... eventually a kind of muscle memory kicks in and my hands involuntary fall on the right chord inversions ... a kind of a musical deja vu. This didn't really happen with "Where We Wish To Remain" ... maybe because we didn't play it live very often. I've played it this morning from the manuscript I wrote during the week and it sounded good ... I think I've got it right.
And finally, I watched the DVD of "Bitter Suite, Again" on Saturday night. The guys at H&C HQ sent me a copy in the post. I sang, cried and laughed in equal measure ... a perfect nite in! I was a bit nervous about seeing it again ... I'd spent nearly 2 months editing it ... got too close to it .... but the video footage was pin sharp and the audio sounded warm and well balanced. Pat and I played well ... the audience were brilliant! ... all in all, very proud of this one.

Podcasts and IPTV.
I'm finding myself becoming more and more detached from main stream media. I get the majority of my listening/viewing from the web. Some friends came over on Saturday afternoon to watch the F1 qualifying from Brazil and when it was done they immediately left to go home to watch "Strictly ..." and the "X Factor". They explained that if they didn't do this, they would have nothing to talk about at work all week! ... Really! ... I felt so sorry for them. With the ease of access to the web, there could and should be so much more to people's lives. Here a list of some of my favourite Podcasts and
IPTV networks ...
1) AudioNowCast

Its a bit Beavus and Buthead at the start of each podcast, but once they calm down it becomes a serious program about pro audio ... Stevie Wonder's studio engineer was on this week ... v.cool!

2) Digital Production Buzz

The host Larry Jordan is such a legend. I found out about him through the www.Lynda.com training I use. He's such an inspirational and talented instructor.

3) From The Basement

Producer, Nigel Godrich has put together one of the best music/video sites on the web. Just brilliant!

4) La Blogotheque

I'm such a fan of video director Vincent Moon. My friend Stuart Braithwaite (from Mogwai) has just finished a film with him. I was so jealous. Vincent Moon has filmed bands in Paris for La Blogotheque since 2006 . He takes the bands to beautiful locations all over the city and just shoots them playing live. One of my favs is the Fleet Foxes playing "Blue Ridge Mountains" ... just beautiful!

And last, but not least ...


Since 2005, Leo Laporte has been building one of the most comprehensive resources for all things tech ... It can get a wee bit West coast / Silicone Valley sometimes, but u get used to that! What they do do, which is invaluable, is start the cameras rolling 20mins or so before each show. U see the guests arriving, the tech guys adjusting the cameras and mics, and the conversations that go on during this period can be very illuminating. I find these "behind the scenes" moments the most informative. Last night, before TWIT started, Leo explained how the TWIT Network makes money. Its an interesting insight into how in this world of "Free", if your clever, u can make a living! Here's a break down of what he alluded to ...
*Each show has to have at least 50,000 viewers/listeners per week to be viable.
*The most popular shows are:
1) TWIT - 300,000+ viewers/listeners per week
2) TNT - 200,000+ viewers/listeners per week
3) MBW - 200,000+ viewers/listeners per week
4) TWIG - 150,000+ viewers/listeners per week
* These popular shows subsidise all the other shows (as they have less than 50,000 viewers/listeners)
* 90% of viewers/listeners per week use iTunes to get the netcasts.
* 90% of viewers/listeners per week only listen to the audio versions of the shows.
* Fewer than 5% watch the netcast videos live (I'm one of these!)
* Access to the TWIT Network is free. But it's ad supported and you can also "Tip Leo" if u want to support the network. The "Tip Leo" option generates around $12,000 per month. 90% of these donations are just $2 per month (I do this).
It has taken 5 years for Leo to build the TWIT network to where it is now. It's such an inspiration to me and our online aspirations for the Hue And Cry Music Club.


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Comment by Paul McNally on November 9, 2010 at 1:15
Agreed, Roger - it was my first 'favourite' from 'Remote'. Just a wonderful, mature (to me, at the time) feel to it. Particularly remember the beautiful bass playing on it. Gorgeous chorus, too. I'm going to listen to it again...
Comment by Roger on November 8, 2010 at 23:06
As I've said many times over on the website, Remote was and still is the best album ever!! Where We Wish To Remain too, was probably my favourite track on the CD, though all the songs were very strong on it. Really looking forward to my Bitter Suite Again, bundle. I can still remember buying the first Bitter Suite, album on its first day of release, was it really that long ago...
Comment by Greg on November 8, 2010 at 21:55
Ha Ha Kenny ... Fernando looks ominous :-| ... he looked so strong 2wards the end of the race. Still routin for big Mark tho ... its gonna be good next week!
Comment by Kenny McLeod on November 8, 2010 at 21:45
Some friends came over on Saturday afternoon to watch the F1 qualifying from Brazil

Wish I'd put a tenner on Hulkenberg for pole eh?

Comment by Darren on November 8, 2010 at 20:10
Im not thinking bvery sharply tonight, just re-read your response and note with great interest "all out future P/Vox live albums should have the prefix Bitter Suite".
Sounds like a promise that !!!
Comment by Darren on November 8, 2010 at 20:04
im just listening to Piano and Voice and realsied that its probably because the majority of it isnt live.
Fantastic album Piano and Voice, cant wait for BS Again.
Comment by Greg on November 8, 2010 at 20:01
Good point Darren ... But I think its because Piano & Voice wasn't a live album. Pat and I discussed at great length, whether or not to call our new album "Bitter Suite, Again" ... we decided that all our future P/Vox live albums should have the prefix "Bitter Suite ..." We'd like to make it like a brand.
Comment by Darren on November 8, 2010 at 19:54
A question that has just sprung to the forefront of my mind, why wasnt the album Piano and Voice called Bitter Suite Again?
Comment by Darren on November 8, 2010 at 19:51
Top tune, perfect for listening to in the bath after a hard day at work.

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