I never get bored watching these guys perform. And after the performance at the Lemon Tree, I don't think I ever will.
Met up with Pauline and Louise for a wee drink before the gig, and when we wandered into the Lemon Tree, back of 8, there were people there, but loads of space in front of the stage. We'd found our place to stand! My hubby, not being the biggest of Hue and Cry fans, found someone from his work to speak with, so that saved him being bored to tears listening to 3 enthusiasts going on and on and on as to how wonderful Hue and Cry are!

We were totally unprepared for the 'support act'. But I have to say that they were by far the best support act I've ever seen. Even knew quite a few of their songs. OK, there was not really a support act, they didn't turn up, so we were treated to a bit more of Pat & Greg. Thankfully, that ensured that the crowd did not have to listen to my warblings, as Pauline was determined that I was going to be the support ;)

Anyway, the music was, as normal, fantastic. Listening to classics like Ordinary Angel, Labour of Love and Looking for Linda, through to the newer material of Stumble Through The Dance and Fireball. Apologies, I'm crap at remembering everything, but I know someone who's got the set list......

After their show in Ayr the previous night, Ae Fond Kiss and Green Grow The Rashes 'O went down a treat, and a very brave move from the boys, a fantastic performance of Mother Glasgow. I've been trying to think if I've ever seen them sing that live (having never seeing a Glasgow gig), and tbh, I think last night was the first time. It's a song I love and it did go down well with the audience.

The renditions of Crazy in Love, Tracks Of My Tears and Paulo Nutinis' Last Request also went down a treat.

And the night ended on a high note when the boys appeared after the gig, and photos, chat and autographs were a must. Two really nice guys, well they had to be to put up with me and Pauline ;)

So all in all, I've been spoiled this past 6 months, seeing them live twice in Aberdeen. Two very different gigs, but both amazing. So please come back to Aberdeen again soon boys.

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Comment by PAULINE MURRAY on May 25, 2009 at 20:53
aye aye missus but im not scanning it cos i canny get near it for other folk in this hoose so here goes..
looking for linda
ordinary angel
stumble through the dance
back to back
tracks of my tears
headin for a fall
aye fond kiss
green grow the rashes o
mother glasgow
last stop
crazy in love
so thats it folks and if its wrong its cos i cant read gregs writing!
ps its signed
Comment by Alison MacAulay on May 25, 2009 at 7:27
Cheers for the comments guys! The blog is as much for my benefit, so I can remember all that happened ;)
Got video of the Burns songs, but file is too big to upload. Anyone know of any software I can use to split the file??
And Pauline, get that set list scanned in.......
Comment by Louise on May 24, 2009 at 23:03
Not a lot more to add .... :-D Alison's pretty much got it covered. A huge thanks to Pat & Greg for yet another fantastic gig, made all the more special by our blether with you guys afterwards. Absolutely no doubt that the trip north was well worth it, especially when you get to make new friends :) :) Back home, shattered, but still on a high :) :) as the kids will testify :-P xx
Comment by PAULINE MURRAY on May 24, 2009 at 22:57
omg you put that brilliantly alison . what more could i add to that but yeh i am the proud owner of the set list and no its not for sale on ebay or anywhere else. if you want it youll have to rob me !
the show was fantastic and the wee burns songs were great and im sure pat will keep them included in future gigs.
we did have the best position in the place to take our photos of course , no way were we giving up our places at the front.
meeting the guys afterwards was hilarious , poor greg being manhandled and pat no getting peace to have his wine.. shame. but thanks to you both you made our night one to remember.
Comment by Tracey on May 24, 2009 at 22:30
Alison, sounds like a fantastic night. Thanks for the update. Tx

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