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At 10:28 on May 5, 2012, Nicholas Dorsey said…

Hi Greg

Great gig as always, nice suprise and added bonus to the night that you stayed behind to chat. Glad the venue scrubbed up ok for you, having suggested it through the club site (Phew).

Loved the set even though no Human Touch, thought 'Summer Head/Daze' was a fantastic version. Brought back some good memories, as I  really enjoy the piano/vocal gigs (Glasgow Kiss Weekend).

All the best with the rest of the tour, great album. Up in Glasgow next month so a trip to the Mother India and University Cafe is on the cards I think!

P.S Hope you tried our Yorkshire Fish n Chips?

Regards, Nick

At 14:30 on May 4, 2012, Nicholas Dorsey said…

Hi Greg,

I remember you doing 'The Name Of The Game' on your Stars Down tour (Bradford). I too have always wanted to get a copy of that track, a great version and I can remember it clearly. Don't know if this may help you in your archives search, but this is the only time I heard you play it.

See you in Holmfirth, Nick

At 16:56 on May 1, 2012, Lisa Marchington said…
Thank you Greg. Much appreciated. Absolutely no rush...been searching for it for 20 years, a few more weeks won't matter! Many, many thanks again. Lisa
At 11:18 on April 12, 2012, Blaithin said…

Are there any stats on the songs chosen by people for the Songframe? Most people I know who have one used 'She Makes a Sound', if I was getting one myself I'd probably use it to.

At 11:02 on March 21, 2011, Nicholas Dorsey said…

Hi Greg,

Thanks for the download, another reminder of the fantastic Glasgow Kiss Weeked. Any chance of getting my hands on 'Remembrance & Gold' from the piano vocal night. As I mentioned to you in my e-mail, a wonderful performance and something very special. All the best, Nick (Leeds)

At 12:14 on December 8, 2010, Amanda Blackwood said…
My apologies, I'm an arse!!!!!!! Have added via the text box which i should have done the first time!!!!!!!! Take care xx
At 8:52 on October 2, 2010, Andy P. said…
@ julie :O)
At 17:55 on June 24, 2010, Craig Fagan said…
Hi Greg, ah i see - i thought it might have been a recoding studio in Blairhill which would have been really handy!

I record with a fairly modest set up at home. Although, the recording quality sometimes wavers it gets the song down at least. Also i have to play and record everything myself which, although prob makes me a better musician, is harder than perhaps using computers - need to make the transition into computer based recording me thinks.

The production you got with Labour of Love was outstanding i think, loved the horns etc!
Did you and pat come up with the horn arrangements for that too?
At 13:40 on June 23, 2010, Craig Fagan said…
Hi Greg thanks for your positive words! Planning on doing some recording soon, Is your Blairhill Records a recording studio too? Im from Blairhill myself.

Lovin the effort you and Pat have put into your online media, im trying to learn from some of it myself - took some tips from some of Pats stuff on the Playethical too.
At 15:56 on January 18, 2010, chris said…
hey man, just a wee note to say that after some of the nonsense on here in the last few days, there are still a lot of us out here just glad to have Hue and Cry around. We might not be the noisiest but are the most grateful for all your hard work.
Chris n Lesley
At 15:50 on January 15, 2010, Fred Rhymes said…
Great to see the video of "Just say you Love me" especially after your comments on the song's history...I love this song. Thanks.
At 22:13 on December 23, 2009, SCOTT LINDSAY said…
Cheers Greg for agreeing to put "More Than The Market Requires" onto the site.
Its a great track.After nearly twenty years it really stuck in my head even only having heard it once.Maybe it might make it onto an album at a later date?

Thanks for an excellent weekend

At 23:19 on December 20, 2009, Yoff said…
Can hardly find the right words to express our thanks to you guys for this wonderful x-mas present.
We really enjoyed ourselves and will gladly drag ourselves all the way from Holland again in 2010 if we can manage it. Also totally great to meet fellow fans and make fantastic new friends amongst them.
And best of all to get blown away by the amazing musical gift you shared with us all, and you guys are such troupers for sharing your time and attention with all of us while you weren't performing!
At 22:47 on December 20, 2009, PETER WARBURTON said…
Just got back to Merseyside after a great weekend. Two brilliant gigs and Saturday's was so special for the pre-gig build up and 'meet and greet'. Met lots of new friends and the people of Glasgow are so warm and friendly..........just like Scousers but with a different accent! Hope to see you marks to Pat, you and the band!
At 15:40 on December 20, 2009, Thomas C McCallum said…
Well done on a fantastic show last night some great sounds well played and long be remembered

And i must say a big well done to the crowd it was so nice not having to dodge flying beer
At 10:37 on December 16, 2009, Christopher Hutton said…
Unfortunately my wife's unwell and would like my spare to go to an appreciative home - get in contact if you know of anyone who'd love to gatecrash Friday's sold out gig!!

At 13:25 on December 3, 2009, Darrin Cooper said…
Thank you Greg, that is very kind of you. Have a great day. DC
At 12:02 on December 3, 2009, Darrin Cooper said…
Hi Greg, loving the CD and DVD and all the rest, excellent stuff. The audio tracks on the DVD, can they be uploaded to itunes? Or is it designed to only play as a DVD? If so will you be releasing the live album as a CD? Thank you for your time. Merry Christmas. DC
At 14:38 on December 2, 2009, phil said…
can you help,got my deluxe boxset its great,but missing the calender? tipped it all out and nothing there,could you supply a phone number for blarhill,thank you
At 15:11 on November 18, 2009, phil said…
hiya greg,just been on,and the xmas day album is up for 9.99,iv ordered the deluxe but i dont think you can order just the album of website yet?just incase anybody just wanted the album,hope this makes sense

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