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At 17:57 on May 11, 2012, Blaithin said…

See you later.

At 21:18 on May 10, 2012, Paul McNally said…

Always got time for quality, mate. Hope you're well. Did you see the guys in Dublin?

At 16:10 on May 5, 2012, Steve O'Sullivan said…

Hi Keith

Not long til your gig!

Hope you enjoy it.



At 18:14 on April 2, 2012, Blaithin said…

It was great wk end. Caught up with crowd from here that I met last yr plus met pile more and we went on the lash.  Fri night gig was very special, was very intimate and emotional with all my favourite songs and and a few unexpected tunes and all the new stuff was great. Sat was great with all funky stuff, highlights were Labour of Love, cause it's always fantastic live, and Strength to Strength cause wasnt expecting it. Also, both nights they did new song that isn't on new CD but on iTunes but both times Pat introduced it he either didn't name it or I missed it, but I think it's called Hard Wire, that's my favourite. I recorded it on my phone and have been playing it since. I only got the CD at the gig so need to give the rest of it a proper listen. I've their last 3 CDs signed now.

In Dublin I just saw them in 2000 in Vicar St and then Whelan's in 2009 - that was an amazing gig with the full band in the small venue, it really worked for me. Then the last 2 years in glasgow. Which other gigs in Dublin were you at?

At 23:39 on July 3, 2009, Paul McNally said…
You're BACK!!!

Listen, I was getting worried about you! Thought you'd switched allegiance to the Lady Gaga site or something...(not a hope!). Good to have you back. Hope you've been catching up on all that's been happening in the last few months. Hope you and the family are well - will catch up soon.

Welcome back - don't leave it TOO long next time...
At 23:05 on April 15, 2009, Paul McNally said…
Keith, you've been very quiet - is everything ok mate? Not like you not to have a H&C opinion!! Hope you're all well. Come back to us soon,
At 15:14 on March 10, 2009, Paul McNally said…
Groovin' mate - well done!

Good to see you're enjoying the night after such a long wait. Here's to the next time, eh? Hope you're well.

At 2:40 on March 2, 2009, Paul McNally said…
Keith, I'm delighted you've enjoyed it all so far. Thanks again for the boost - you'll have me famous yet! Check your page (this one) and at the right hand side at the top, under your name it says, 'Inbox', 'Alerts', 'Friends' etc - go into 'friends' and accept me as a friend - it's been there for a while.

Once again, I appreciate your drive and determination to get H&C music booming throughout Ireland. The guys should sign you up as an ambassador for good music! Well done and good luck to you.

At 14:11 on February 28, 2009, Paul McNally said…
Ah, Fame at last Keith! Cheers for the mention. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. Wish I could have been there - the atmosphere would have been great. How did the family enjoy it? Is your sister converted?

Thanks for the reply.

At 12:47 on February 27, 2009, Paul McNally said…

Counting down the hours?

Just a wee note to say 'enjoy yourselves' (as if you need me to tell you that!) for the gig tonight. Let us know how it goes,

All the best,
At 0:49 on February 26, 2009, Beco said…
Hi Keith
Have not had a chance to post all week but just to let you know I totally agree with Pauls comments m8, the gig was awesome. Came out all guns blazing with "Strength to strength", and remember a particularly brilliant duet with the drummer doing backing vocals end on "Long term lovers of pain". Something for everyone m8 and was glad I snuck my camera into the gig and will post a vid on once Ive sorted the legalites :). The wife did not fully appreciate the god-like quality of the gig stating "I never got it first time round!" and although I am not quite considering divorce it did not detract from some quality showmanship from the boys. There was about 1300 there but I was well up the front, Honey Ryder not bad too but the boys played a bit of Del Amitri before going on to get us ready. Hope you have a great time at the gig m8 and enjoy it as much as we (not including the wife here) did. :)
At 12:46 on February 23, 2009, Paul McNally said…
Hi Keith,

I always had a real fondness for 'Strength To Strength' and the guys open the show with that. I don't know if I enjoyed it more because it was the first blast of real live right-there-in-front-of-you music but it just seemed so damn dramatic and huge.

We were absolutely bouncing for the first few songs, then (old) age kicked in and we had to settle down. Fired up for the classics - History City, Labour of Love etc but it was truly special to hear the 'Open Soul' stuff happening right in front of you. Nice little piano / vox bit in the middle too.

Try to get in early enough to see Honey Ryder as well (support act). If you're a music lover, you'll appreciate this act and although they're very different from H&C, they have some great tunes and do some nice covers too.

Anyway, going to sign off now. Check out some of the photos to get you in the mood for Friday and remember to let me know how it goes.

Cheers from Scotland,
At 0:12 on February 23, 2009, Paul McNally said…
Keith, How are ye?

Last night in Glasgow was totally up to expectation! The band were funky, Pat and Greg were flying and the crowd were well up for it. You're going to have SUCH a good time at Whelan's on the 27th. Kenny McLeod has a comprehensive set list on his Edinburgh review (although it's nice NOT to know what is coming next!)

It's all about the atmosphere where you are and, knowing Dublin, you're going to have a blast.

I know how much of a fanatic you are and you will not be disappointed! This is a fantastic show. You, your wife and your sister will be talking about it for days after. More than 24 hours on and I'm still buzzing about it. Let me know how the Dubs treat the boys...

Check your 'Friends' section on the top right of your page, I've added you as a friend, but I won't be offended if you don't accept - just keep on supporting the FINEST musical act to come out of the UK in a generation (or two)!

Enjoy the 27th mate - and let us know how it comes out.

At 0:49 on February 9, 2009, keith hooper said…
Hi Paul,
Thanks for your prompt reply. Don`t worry i hold already smashed my kids piggy bank and have the cash in hand and my sleeping bag outside HMV ( only joking, well about the piggy bank thing anyway). I will be checking out the best compilation of this week. Don`t forget to fill me in out the boys gig in Glasgow in two weeks time.

Take Care and talk soon,
Keith Hooper,
At 2:18 on February 7, 2009, Paul McNally said…
I'll hold you to that offer! Enjoy the 27th and remember - new 'Best of...' out on Monday.

At 23:16 on February 5, 2009, Paul McNally said…

I'm loving your campaign and your passion for quality music on radio. I'm in Scotland at the moment and my wife and I are coming over to the Republic to visit her family. We'll be stopping on your side of the country first (we're going across to Galway) and I was trying to delay the visit to catch the Whelans gig on the 27th - alas, she wouldn't go for it! Nice try though. As it goes, we'll be at the ABC in Glasgow on the 21st. Will let you know how it comes out.

At 14:10 on January 27, 2009, Debbie Jetten said…
Hi Keith, thanks for your message- I too have loved Hue and Cry since the 80's, was actually an old boyfriend who got me in to them! I used to have tape cassettes of them and have since upgraded them to cd's! I have never had the privilege of seeing them live as yet, but having jsut joined this site, I will be keeping my eyes open for any upcoming tours in my area.
Yours, Debbie x
At 16:24 on October 28, 2008, keith hooper said…
Pat & Greg,
What can i say but many, many, many thanks for adding Dublin onto your tour. Can`t wait for 27th of Feb.

Take Care,
Keith Hooper,
A Fan.
At 14:45 on October 13, 2008, keith hooper said…
Hi Lads,
What`s the story, still no Dublin gig. Lads you disappoint me.

Keith from Dublin.
At 11:04 on July 31, 2008, keith hooper said…
Hi Lads,
Please can you answer if the new album ( Open Soul ) will be available to buy in all record stores or will it be just for downloading ?. Also is there any news on a Irish date yet ?.

Take care,

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